Viennese Breakfast

Our breakfast is a great start into the day. Enjoy yourself with our selection of delicacies. In the summer breakfast is served in our green inner courtyard.

butter, magarine, free range eggs, honey, chocolate hazelnut creme, emmentaler, gouda, different soft cheese, Sheep cheese, Blue cheese, bio milk, jogurt, different marmelades, reform marmelade, cornflakes, different cerialsi, bananas, apples, kiwis, orang, pers, crapes, tomatos, cucumber,paprika, dried fruit, different nuts, different bio ham, bio beef, bio pastrami,  brown bread, spelt bread, soy bread, small rolls, potato rolls, crispbread, zwieback, filter coffee, espresso, capuccino, assam, darjeeling, englishbreafast, fruit tee, green tea, chamomile tea, herb tea, pepermint tee, hot chocolate, orange juice, bio apple juice, black currant juice, sponch cake...

Breakfast hours
  • monday - friday 7 - 10 am.
  • wekkend and holidays 7:30 - 10:30 am
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